Kevin Kellys new old book

Kevin Kelly is republishing New Rules for the New Economy – Radical Strategies for a Connected World as a blog to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the book-publication.

Reading it in 1999 was fun – there were many strategic books around, dealing with business, content, businesses. Most of them were already old when you had time to read them. And the message they delivered to beginners, scepticists or your bosses at that time was – if they liked it or not -: This internet-insanity will be over soon; it’s not going to work and it’s not worth bothering about it.

In 2000 I left the printmedia-publishing house I worked for then and joined the online business. My first job was doing contentmanagement for a big portal targeting german speaking europe (as a first step; multiple languages were von the roadmap) with every kind of content you can imagine, a big shopping mall and a big community in chats and discussion boards. That strategy survived three months…

We built the portal anyway and learned a lot about new rules, new economy and radical strategies…

Michael Hafner

Michael Hafner


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Carlo Strenger relativiert in “Diese verdammten liberalen Eliten“ sein eigenes Poltern gegen Populisten und ihr Publikum, findet aber auch keine bessere Lösung.