Roaming is crime – Worldwide WiFi

I know that this list is not worldwide. But it just sounds better than european or central and easter european WiFi-List.

I started with a list of cities I'm frequently travelling to - of course for my own interest and so that I have some chance to check the quality of my listings.
I think it's really annoying that we are supposed to buy smartphones and mobile flatrates so that we can use location based services, and that we can't use them when we need them the most - this is when we are travelling.

I hope that the list will grow - with my personal experience, but also with your input. Now it's mainly a directory of directories, if we can turn it into a direct listing over time - even better. Suggestions and updates are highly welcome

The menu below lists tghe available cities in alphabetical order If you miss something - let me know, along with the access points or the best wifi-directories of your city by adding a comment here or via editors at

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Roaming is crime – Worldwide WiFi

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