Heros, Agents, Superstars etc

I liked this ubermorgen-trailer and the idea of using it as a startup for Enterprise 2.0 speeches or an intro to the upcoming Agents Manual (a guide on how to survive and grow in Enterprise 2.0 rollouts).
Of course, this video and website are about something totally different, but you know what: Nevermind.

It’s about doing things in a different way – call it innovation, enterpreneurial spirit or art.
„What matters is not that we are alive but what we do with our time“ – Is it artists making fun of business- and media-prophets or the other way round? Or is it just a simple truth… ? 🙂
The idea is basically a nice example of reusing stuff in different contexts and leaving boxes – but this is now definitely business bullshit again.

dotoildot from UBERMORGEN.COM on Vimeo.

Here is the complete ubermorgen channel on vimeo.

(Disclaimer: Of course they did not produce this for the Agents Manual. Just to make sure.
And the Agents Manual is not here yet, but you can have a look a this one in the meantime.)

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Heros, Agents, Superstars etc

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