If you’re not a star – you’re simply a looser. Modern voluntary slavery

I’m sure this is not meant to be too personal, but it’s one of the most attention-grabbing corporate culture statements I’ve ever read.
This company is extremely focus on freedom, excellence, responsibility and high performance.
„If we would not fight hard for someome who wants to leave us – we give him a generous severance.“
They want employees who act and feel like an owner, who pick the trash from the floor and who never feel that something might not be their business.

I work like that. And I want colleagues who act like that. But to me honest: That’s modern voluntary slavery.
To be honest, I still like it better than any hypersocial pseudocaring culture.

Who is this company, what do they do? It’s Netflix, a DVD-rental- and on-demand-streaming company.
Does this business really require heros?
Be careful with your answer – it might reveal a lot about your own private (corporate) culture and attitude…


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