A very short introduction to E 2.0

I'm preparing for a speech in front of of some twohundred businessline-managers; they should get an introduction on new online media, collaboration, Enterprise 2.0.
Some of them have heard of this before; they either have fancy ideas about great and inspiring frontends or marvelous workflows that make everythingh possible, or they consider it as just another toy in the bullshitbingo they play every day.
Some have never bothered before and also don't want to do so now.
And all of them would not have come (or at least would have come later) if they knew that it was me here talking.

Should I try to tell them something, to open them up for some insights? Or just give a brief presentation of facts?

I guess I'll start with something like:
I know you all don't give a f*** about media and communication. Or you think that you are an expert anyway. Both are two sides of one big problem the company has...

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A very short introduction to E 2.0

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