Guy Kawasakis Evening Show in Vienna

Guy Kawasaki had a great and compelling speech in Vienna yesterday (September 10). He presented his of ten tips of starting businesses in an event of the chamber of commerce.
No surprises so far, but what was kind of really surprising where the bad manners of the audience: People left instead of attending the panel discussion afterwards, they preferred to go home with some ready-to-go knowledge that they could have read on Guy’s blog or books instead of watching him in the discusson or listening to fellow entrepreneurs.
Things don’t happen on powerpoint slides and meaning does not grow in the light of a beamer, but that’s another story (which you can soon read in „Wie die Tiere“, the first print publication of kbex micropublishing).

But what was even worse, to tell the truth, was the discussion. Sorry for that. But you can’t put administrative clerks and marketing employees on a stage and call them innovative enterpreneurs. That creates really really strange situations.
Please don’t talk about a lack of creativity, about boring and handicapping scepticism, don’t waste my time with that, that’s what I can can have talking to my 96year old neighbor (who is slowly getting weird therefore being more entertaining). If you think you are different, be it. Don’t talk about what the others are.

PS: A remark to Kawasakis examples – there have been quite successful dogfood-dotcoms. They just did not present themselves as dotcoms, but as customer service companies, who fitted themselves perfectly in their customers (and their dogs) supply chain. – Again on a micro scale.

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