Facebook, Jealousy, Trust and Blindness

Even if we are curious – we don’t always want all the informatoin we could have. It just provide too many options, too many new ways to consider, and information makes us feel less comfortable with our opinions and decisions.
Another proof for the dark side of more information can be found in a recent research published by the University of Guelph, Ontario: Facebook is responsible for an increase of jealousy in romantic relationships.

We could have assumed the contrary (being well informed should increase trust), but somehow the assumption of more jealousy was always there. Reports on increasing jealousy aming students were among the starting reasons for the research, reports author Amy Muise.

The summary from my poiny of view:

  • Unspecific knowledge does not make us happy. We tend to speculate, to go beyond the visible surface – but this is something we can not do. Ok, there is a new friend on the list. That’s all we know, and all we should bother about.
  • Relying on something or someone is either based on control or on blindness. We either want to know everything or nothing; everything inbetween is just a temporary state. – That does not apply only to relationships.
  • Once doubt has started, it goes on. That can mean prolific learning and researching, or it can mean nerve killing investigations. Muise’s research also showed, that there is a connection between the grades of jealousy and the intensity of Facebook use. But it requires more research to determine, whether students get more jealous, when they are more often on Facebook, or if the jealous ones are more often on Facebook, because they want to find out more about their suspicions.
  • 33,6 percent of american college students betwen 17 and 24 (who were the target group for this research) are not dating anyone; not even casually… – that’s a lot.

The good news: Facebook-induced jealousy decreases in longer lasting relationships and among grown ups. And Facebook develops more and more into a community for grown up and older users

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Facebook, Jealousy, Trust and Blindness

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