Dark Knight Obama banned from Flickr

Barack Obama disguised as Batmans's Joker ("The Dark Night"-Version) - a rough counterpoint to "hope", "yes we can" and other positive messages Obama used to spread on the web and as posters througout the US.
The posters have been created by a twenty year old student from Chicago.
He published it on his flickr account; other users created prited posters that appeared mainly around Los Angeles.

Flickr now banned the photo notifying the author it was because of "copyright infringement concerns."
Funny enough, the author produced the picture walking through a photoshop-tutorial, that explains how to jokerize portraits.

Is it a tasteless joke? A political commentary? Or an abuse of the TIME-logo? Censorship or a copyright issue - take your vote.

It especially makes me think about freedom, censorship in trust in media we assume to be free, open and true. Ownership seems to be important - more than we might think at first glance. We might think that people publish online what they want and think, that this more direct and uncut than in commercial products - but can we trust in that?

Find out - Join the Trust Exchange Research.

  • Whom do we trust online?
  • What is our trust built on?
  • What difference does trust make?

These questions go to a wide sample of users in Central- and Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia.
Please support the Trust Exchange Research by putting in your two cents, either right here or via editors (at) the mashazine (dot) com or on der-karl.net-page on Facebook, or if you prefer, on Linkedin.

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Dark Knight Obama banned from Flickr

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