Applied Collaboration

Collaboration is not only about doing things together or exchanging information.
Collaboration is also a very powerful tool in internal public relations: Tell them what you do; make them know about it. Sharing is a way to gain power, to recruit new ideas or comments and enhancements.

Of course it also leaves your work open for destruction. The best way to encounter that is to deliver good work: Maybe it won’t survive the destruction, it won’t be recognized as your success. But if it made sense, it will be easy for you to rebuild.

Sharing stuff forces people to take responsibility – at least inside an organisation. They can’t say I did not know, or I’m hearing that for the first time now.
They can deliver their input and they can even address you directly if they want to tell you that you are talking bullshit.

You need to be stubborn and thick-skinned in order to get along with it. I’m afraid there is no easy way out. But I believe in the power of being th first one, of getting things done and making things happen.
Those who keep telling you that this and that is missing, that things could have been done better or have to be done differently, are very often those who have problems to understand that something had to be done at first. – There is nothing, unless you start to create something.

And what at least I hate most is the regretful thought that I should have tried harder.
Being a diplomat is ok. but do that later.

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Applied Collaboration

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