SEO self-experiment

I started an SEO self-experiment these days: How long does it take to promote a domain (without playing foul or spending money)? How long does it take search engines to react on changes (display new page titles, new meta tags)? How many new links do you get by entering web-catalogues, online-pr-distributors? How many links do you get by using social bookmarking?

The test arrangement

  • registered an unusual domain (there are no other search results for this word then my own pages)
  • set up around 100 pages with meaningful content
  • followed the basic SEO-laws (use page titles, descriptions, keywords in decent length, use many internal links in the body text, name pictures etc.)
  • creating three new web-catalog entries per day (I guess I’ll do this for about 3 weeks; it’s all manual work with individual descriptions)
  • posting one article everyday on three social bookmarking services (delicious, digg, stumble upon)

What I’m checking daily is

  • Number of search results for my domain name
  • Number of links to my domain that search engines find

Softer facts I’m interested in are:

  • which catalogues are the most efficient?
  • which bookmarking services are the most efficient?
  • when does it start to grow from alone, when do other users start to post links or bookmark stuff?

I’ll keep posting results on a weekly basis.

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